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How to Effectively Pest Proof Your Home

How to Effectively Pest Proof Your Home  

Instead of Booking Insect Removal, Do Everything Possible to Prevent Infestation in the First Place

Booking an insect removal service is not always as easy as you may think, so you’d better put some effort into protecting your home from infestations as well. Although professional pest extermination services with reliable local companies like Panic Pest Control are inexpensive, you can still do some work to prevent annoying infestations, as well as wasting your time for organizing a rodent or any other pest removal service. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep the grass, bushes, and trees in your yard well-trimmed in order to keep squirrels, ants, and termites away from your residential property.

  • Avoid leaving food outside (no matter what type) if you want to keep away seagulls, pigeons, sparrows, and other nuisance birds from nesting in your attic. Bird proofing your roof and repairing any broken tiles or cracks through which they can access your attic space is also a must-do.

  • If you don’t want to call a pest control company every month, make sure that your bins are closed tight to avoid attracting mice, rats, raccoons, wasps, and flies.

  • Do not enter your bedroom before inspecting your clothes and luggage for bedbugs after a long vacation spent in a hotel that was not very clean. Bed bugs love to travel, so they often cuddle in foreign suitcases waiting to be transported to their new place of residence.

  • Prevent termites, carpenter ants, and rodents from entering your home, by sealing all holes and cracks around your home, especially in the base of its interior.

  • Always keep your kitchen clean and the food covered. Clean skirting boards and sinks will never look inviting to any type of vermin.

  • Keep your bathrooms clean if you do not want to deal with pest removal service providers. These pests are annoying and hard to remove once they settle in your bathroom or kitchen, so make sure you never have to face such a problem in the first place.

  • Add light to dark areas of your garden, and treat wood with anti-insect repellents during the summer in order to limit your need for an insect removal service.

If you, however, have to deal with a nuisance in your home in San Bernardino, CA, contact our pest control company for help! Dial (909) 543-5681, and we will tell you everything about the chemicals that we use and the special deals that you can currently take advantage of!